About Us

Coastal Bank is the first Local Area Bank licensed by Reserve Bank of India in 1999 and commenced its operations from 27th December 1999. The Bank is proud of celebrating its existence for two decades.

Coastal Bank is directly regulated by Reserve Bank of India. The Bank is subjected to regulatory supervision and control. The Bank complies with all supervisory advices/guidance.

The Bank is subjected to regulatory prescriptions such as Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR), External Benchmarking of loans etc.

Deposits of the customers are insured under Deposit and Insurance Scheme of DICGC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India.


Shri K.A.V. Raman (CGM & Chief Financial Officer)

Shri K.A.V. Raman, M.Com, M.B.A (Finance) and Fellow Member of IIB has been inducted into Coastal Bank in October 2019 and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Bank.  Before joining Coastal Bank, he served as General Manager in State Bank of India (SBI) as Head of Asset & Liability Management (ALM) team.  As Head of ALCO Secretariat, he was assisting the SBI’s Board of Directors in overseeing Balance Sheet of SBI in managing liquidity, pricing of deposits and advances, Interest Sensitivity of Assets and Liabilities, Internal Funds Transfer etc.    In his earlier stint he was the Head of Foreign Department of SBI, Kolkata and managed the Foreign Currency Balance Sheet of the Bank of the size of more than USD 12 billion.  He was instrumental in establishing Treasury Global Bank Office of SBI at its Kolkata Office, credited with ISO Certification for the Bank’s Nostro Reconciliation Process and introduced innovative products such as Remex-out/Fx-out for retail customers. He brings with him nearly 4 decades of banking experience in Treasury, Investments, Risk Management, Internal Control and Audit Systems, Information Technology, Retail and MSME Lending, Agriculture Finance etc.